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 GWHT SPOTLIGHT: December 2019

Women at the Center Film Festival at the 2020 International Papilloma Virus Conference

The Calla Campaign’s film, The (In)visible Organ, will be released on March 26, 2020 at the the 33rd Annual International Papillomavirus Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Directed by emerging filmmaker Andrea Kim, this documentary captures the story of GWHT's development of the Callascope technology and the social dimensions to transforming paradigms for healthcare. 


This film will kick off the Women at the Center Film Festival at IPVC, which showcases the challenges and resiliency of women around the world who are confronted by complex reproductive and sexual health issues. The aim of this festival is to bring up a social conscience behind the scientific topics discussed during the conference.

Emmy-winning filmmaker, Lisa Russell, will curate and select the received films. The submission deadline is January 15th. Click below to learn more.


Prevent Cancer Foundation Awards GWHT with $75K Global Grant

Our Center's project, HOPE: Women Empowering Women to Adopt New Technologies for Cervical Cancer Screening, will be supported by the Prevent Cancer Foundation's 2020 Global Grant. We are implementing an innovative model of healthcare delivery that is community-based, relying on women empowering women to be active agents of change in their own health care. This model gives women privacy and agency over cervical cancer screening, allowing 98 out of every 100 women to complete care at home


Professor Ramanujam will be among the select panelists speaking at the interactive panel titled, "Beyond a Game: What Your Support Makes Possible." The speakers will discuss the impact of new portable breast and cervical cancer screening devices in Africa and Peru, about worldwide lung cancer screening, and how grants from the Prevent Cancer Foundation are making a difference in cancer prevention & early detection.

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Get tested today!


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