Dr. John Schmitt and Marlee Krieger are leading a Bass Connections course entitled, “Analysis of Bringing Elements of Referral Services to Community Care” with co-instructors, Libby Dotson and Andrea Thoumi. This is the project’s fourth year running. The focus of prior years has been to demonstrate the economic viability of the Pocket colposcope by conducting an analysis of the (1) clinical acceptability, (2) policy implications, and (3) cost-effectiveness of bringing the device to community health settings in rural North Carolina and Peru.


Our goal for the fourth year of this Bass project is to leverage the framework we constructed for and adapt it to community health centers in the Andean region of Peru. In doing so, we aim to demonstrate that the combination of self-sampling, the Pocket colposcope and the thermocoagulator will yield a high proportion of HPV positive women who complete treatment and follow-up care. Our primary partners include Dr. Patricia Garcia, Professor at the School of Public Health at Cayetano Heredia University in Peru and former Minister of Health of Peru, and Benjamin Castaneda, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Pontificia Universidad Catholica del Peru.



Pratt, Class of 2017

Course Overview


Pratt, Class of 2017

"The research that I have done on the Pocket colposcope has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my time at Duke. In contributing to the global value chain analysis, I have been able to work on a project that will have a tangible and monumental impact on people, while also merging my interests in global health and biomedical engineering. My teammates come from a diversity of academic backgrounds, and the different perspectives that each member brings to the table have been critical in approaching the complex and interdisciplinary challenge of increasing the adoption of the Pocket Colposcope in Peru. If you are passionate about women's health, and want to work on a project that could soon alter the landscape of cervical cancer, I encourage you to apply to this program."




Trinity, Class of 2018

"Being a part of the 2016-2017 Bass Connections team on the Pocket Colposcope has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my Duke career. This team has pushed me to utilize my own background in Global Value Chains, but also work alongside biomedical engineers, doctors and graduate students. I am grateful for this opportunity to travel and do field work internationally as well as expand my knowledge and understanding of cervical cancer and global health. "


MBA, Class of 2018

"Bass has allowed me to build my network beyond business school and tap into the perspectives of other graduate disciplines.  It is an extremely special opportunity to work with students of all backgrounds and expertise.  Moreover, the hands-on approach and in-country learning elements of the program have helped me to grow as a leader in new ways.  Overall, the Bass program has enabled me to apply the structure and rigor from business school classes to real world challenges."

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