BME 230 (Formerly BME290): Integration of engineering, human centered design and women’s health



Trinity, Class of 2017

Course Overview



Trinity, Class of 2018

"Taking BME 230 as a Trinity student, let alone as a freshman, was certainly a leap of faith for me, yet that decision to step outside my comfort zone led to some of the most influential academic experiences of my time at Duke.  Through taking BME 290, I learned to integrate technical knowledge and problem-solving strategies into my global health coursework, discovered a new passion for women's health and human rights, and expanded my ability to defend my positions on challenging global health topics.  BME 290 was one of the most rewarding classes I have taken at Duke, and I recommend that everyone with an interest (regardless of school, major, or past experience) consider enrolling."


Pratt, Class of 2018

"As a BME major, I found myself very deep in technical information, and my typical course material tended to feel extremely classroom specific. It was invaluable to learn about some of the global issues that motivate the information I have gained in my BME classes through BME 230. Additionally, my problem solving skills shifted from looking directly to "solve" a problem, to investigating cultural contexts in which problems arise. I left the course a more well-rounded thinker."



Pratt, Class of 2018

"As a BME major with no AP credit, I don't have a lot of room in my schedule to branch out into other fields. Taking BME 230 let me explore my interest in Global Health, which I am now pursuing a minor in!"

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