BME Ph.D, Class of 2020

Course Overview


Application of optical based techniques to interrogate cancer hallmarks



Pratt, Class of 2017

"Taking BME 551 was a crucial step in my development as an engineer and scientist. In addition to learning about cancer physiology and modern optical imaging techniques, the class encouraged me to engage critically with journal publications. The ability to identify the nuanced factors that influence an experiment's results and conclusions is vital to success in any research discipline. This is the only class I've taken at Duke in which I could meet directly with numerous experts in the field to ask them about their work. Most notably, the course's hands-on projects refined my knowledge of experimental design, data interpretation, and error correction, all of which I have applied to my own research. I would highly recommend it to seniors and graduate students interested in STEM."



Ph.D BME, Class of 2020

"BME 551L is a fantastic course, and a great model for what I called "self-exploring" class format. Even as a seasoned graduate student , I can still learn tremendous practical skills while enjoying the happy collaboration hours with my group members. Thus I recommend any students who are interested in biomedical optics to take BME 551L, and for sure you can learn more than what you expected."


Pratt, Class of 2017

“I took BME 551 because I wanted to learn more about tissue imaging and optical basics. What this class really taught me was to question scientific findings and analyze experimental designs. We learned how to develop a research question and set up our own experiments. The final project was truly rewarding because each group got to design their experiment from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn about really developing their research analytical skills.”

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