Program Leaders

Jennifer Dietzel

Duke University

Rema Shah

Duke Univesity

Duke Flash! is an engineering empowerment initiative that provides females underrepresented in STEM fields with the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to creative engineering projects while building leadership and confidence. Duke Flash aims to:


  • Create a collaborative, encouraging environment that fosters self-confidence.

  • Employ a human-centered design framework to encourage active problem solving

  • Allow girls to have agency over their designs and creations.

  • Blend creativity and scientific principles to demonstrate the interdisciplinary overlap between the arts and science which forms the basis of engineering as a discipline.


Duke Flash successfully piloted this program internationally with mothers in Kolkata, India. Then was later revamped and began the program domestically at the Durham Boys and Girls Club in fall 2017. Duke Flash has currently expanded to four community partners within Durham and trained numerous teachers