Is BME 290 required for this program?
No, but it is highly recommended, especially if you are interested in leading engineering lessons.

Do I have to be an engineer to be involved?
Absolutely not!

Is previous teaching experience required?

No, but strong communication skills, creativity, and an interest in teaching are important!

What does preparation for teaching involve?

Before departure, students who want to help with the STEM curriculum will meet to discuss lesson plans and order supplies. In Kolkata, preparation for teaching involves lesson planning and basic setup for different age levels. The students who planned the STEM classes will be in charge of preparing kits for each STEM class as well as transporting the necessary materials to and from class.


What are the ages of the kids I will be teaching?

The students participating in the flashlight curriculum are typically in Classes 3-6 at Century Tulipdale Public School. The students at the Future Hope School range from Classes 6-11. Outside of the flashlight program, you could be working with kids of all ages!

How do I get involved?
Check out the DukeEngage website for program details, deadlines, and application information.

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