DAY 3: transforming Fear Into Empowerment

I spent a year working at an orphanage in Honduras before starting med school and today I was reminded of how much I miss my kids there by two sweet little girls I met, one 3 y/o and the other 5 y/o, who were accompanying their mom to one of the mobile clinics. As I approached the girls’ mom to ask if she would be willing to help fill out a patient survey, I heard the older girl bemoaning the fact that her mom was spending time waiting in line to see “the doctor.” She was also obviously scared for her mom and worried about what they were going to do to her during the visit. After their mom began filling out the survey while waiting in line for her appointment, I took to entertaining the girls, chatting with them about their love of mermaids and teaching them one of my favorite silly Spanish rhymes. Out of nowhere, the older daughter asked me, “Clara, what is cancer?” Her demeanor had transformed from one of fear to one of curiosity. After my best attempt at an explanation of a complicated subject in Spanish at the level of a 5-year-old, she seemed to be content with my response and proceeded to invite me to her birthday party.

All this is to say that today La Liga achieved its goal. Today La Liga converted a little girl’s fear of cancer into curiosity and empowerment.

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