Today at La Liga we met with a man named Omar who I've been excited to meet with all week, since we first heard about him on Monday. He works within the research department at the organization, using La Liga patient data to study all sorts of things. Today we were specifically interested in using that data to look at patient follow up rates. He told us that forty percent of patients who have positive screening results fail to show up for a follow up appointment. He also showed us how the La Liga electronic health records system could be used to track patient follow up rates.

Importantly, I asked him if in a study there would be a way for him to track patient follow up rates specifically for patients who have been screened with the Pocket Colposcope and compare this follow up rate to the general follow up rate. He showed us how easily a note could be added to the patient's health record, which would indicate that a patient had been screened with the Pocket Colposcope. He said that using these notes it would be easy to compare follow up rates for patients who had been and had not been screened with the Pocket. Looking forward to future studies, this could be a great measure of success for the effectiveness of Pocket Colposcope image counseling for motivating women to go to their follow up appointments.

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