DAY 5: Final thoughts and take-aways:

  1. Ryan, Marlee, Emily, and I make a great team! We were able to combine and use our individual strengths in a really efficient and effective way throughout the week. Ryan kept us organized/energized, Marlee kept us going/meeting with the right people, Emily kept us thinking about costs/always had good questions, and I kept us understood as the translator/provided medical insight.

  2. As a general observation, the Pocket was best received by the midwives we met with about using the device. Doctors seemed to be more critical and less accepting.

  3. The most valuable setting for the device seems to be in mobile clinics or rural health posts where a see and treat model could be adopted.

  4. Since midwives need to complete an official VIA/Colposcopy training offered through the ministry of health and other sources, we do not think it is necessary for the training package to go into detail about how to do colposcopy, but rather how to use the device and trouble shoot.

  5. We would like to spend a class with a lecture from Dr. H about colposcopy (a mini training session) and time for the students to practice with and try to use the device. We’d ask that students think about the aspects of the device that need more clarification or leave them with doubts so that those things can be sure to be addressed in the training module.

  6. It might be a good idea to pilot the training module in Durham and then make changes before taking it to Honduras and in Peru over the summer.

  7. Peru country with great food and nice people! I would love to make it back sometime. I feel very blessed to have been a part of the Spring Break team! Viva Peru!

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