Demoing at Greater Accra Regional Hospital | Ghana

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Mercy Asiedu

Today was really great! I visited the nurses at the Family planning unit at Greater Accra Regional Hospital where the studies will take place. And did a demo. They were really excited about the Callascope and were providing a lot of ideas for both the Callascope and the Pocket. For the Callascope, they said women would love it because they get a lot of complaints about the speculum. They mentioned they would prefer a reusable and sterilizable Calla introducer. They wanted a soft demo on how the self testing would work and we talked/acted through it. They suggested it could also be used for checking cervical and genital warts and said since the provider still needs final diagnosis women should come to the clinic to use it. They definitely preferred the image quality of the Pocket because of the unobstructed field of view. And the Calla because it didn’t need the speculum. I was able to interview the director of the cervical cancer screening clinic, Mavis Apatu who also performs most of the Screenings and I was also able to record her using the Calla and Pocket Colposcope. She had excellent feedback. She will be going on a 45 day leave, but has introduced me to the deputy directors who also do screening. We will schedule a time for training for next week and I will start interviewing women there on Monday. I’m meeting with Julia’s mother tomorrow and we will discuss also doing some interviews in her clinic next week. Dr Srofenyoh, the director of the Greater Accra Regional arranged a meeting with the family planning unit where the study will be taking place. I will be meeting with them tomorrow morning then getting a tour of the facility.


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