Filming in Accra, Ghana | POST-BAC FELLOWS

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Andrea Kim

On the first day of filming, I was nervous about filming in a hospital environment after frantically being in the ward with Fati from the night before. But when we entered the Family Planning Unit (which Mercy has been working with) it was clear there was a strong relationship established with Mercy because the nurses were so welcoming and interested in participating in media work involved in cervical cancer awareness. I was shooting from 8am-12pm collecting additional footage. Interviews were in-depth; touched on topics ranging from stories of patients who traveled long distances because they had trouble finding doctors who would conduct a pelvic exam without external symptoms of concern, to stories of how the advent of social media has changed the efficacy public health campaigns. It was very hot and humid, and filming is a physical challenge so breaks are important. Overall though the equipment kit I prepared is compact and working well. It was an exhaustive two weeks for both myself and certainly Mercy, getting the interviews and access to footage we need— the fruits of which I hope will be seen in the first cut later next month. There were times where last minute trips were taken, 2 hours into the mountains in the rain to capture a public health talk at a church, to going on wild goose chases between locations in traffic not knowing if I’ll even get the right footage, to being in the center of a Callascope exam itself. It’s been inspiring to trace public health networks of change, which demonstrated the importance of mobilizing communities and offering the tools for education. Overall, it’s been a journey and I’m happy with the footage. Of course there are many limitations, but I’m excited to get creative with them and knew we did our best.


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