Honduras: A visit to Tegucigalpa | POST-BAC FELLOWS

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Elena Roberts and Rachel Barrera

The day started at 6am as we woke up to prepare for our demonstration at ASHONPLAFA. We will conduct training of the Pocket Colposcope and a demonstration to the doctors and nurses of the three clinic sites. We enjoyed another delicious breakfast and coffee at the hotel, and departed with PI, Silvia of PATH, just before 8am.

We were welcomed at the clinic by nurses and five OB/GYN physicians--all women! Dr. Sandoval gave a welcoming introduction while we prepared our supplies and we began our presentation where we conducted training of the Pocket Colposcope and demonstration. The majority of questions we did receive were related to the neutralization process for Cidex OPA (required for proper disposal) and how to better focus the images with the Pocket. We were also able to show the process of using the software and saving the images on a projector so that all providers could see the correct way to save each patient's file. The providers noted that our presentation was very clear and we were happy to provide everyone with certificates of completion at the end.

Although our time in Honduras was short, we both felt so welcomed and grateful to have the opportunity to work directly with providers who are the first-line of women's healthcare in Tegucigalpa and the surrounding regions. The engagement each provider demonstrated over the last two days of training was reflective of their dedication to eradicating unnecessary deaths to this preventable and treatable disease. We feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a lab and its clinic partners who value the lives of women so highly that they are willing to put in the hard work and long hours to effect change in their own communities. As we undertake the enormous task of democratizing healthcare around the globe-- particularly in areas where health resources are limited-- it is important to remember the impact each individual can have on their own community when supported by providers, policy makers, and institutions who share the same passion.

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