Three words for first week of camp!

Jiwoo Kim

Three words for this week: Camp. Finally. Started

Three places of the week: classrooms, swimming pool, Knott’s Berry Farm

Three main food I packed for lunch: salad, ravioli, chicken

Three main snacks: granola bars, chips, fruits

Three main materials for my lesson plan: masking tape, batteries, led bulbs

Three essentials: sunscreen, GroupMe app, Beyonce Bucks

Three moods before camp started: anxious, excited, ready

Three moods of the first week: busy, joyful, tired

Three moods as I await the second week: worried, prepared, eager

Three words to describe the 7th grade campers: sweet, pure, nice

Three words to describe 8th grade campers: excited, charming, energetic

Three words to describe fellow facilitators: helpful, essential, cooperate

Three words to describe what I should improve on for the up coming weeks: timing, patience, jokes

Three words to describe what I did well this week: welcoming, empathy, flexibility

Three words for next week: Have. Fun. Teaching!

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