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The fellowship is open to graduating PhDs in biomedical engineering and related physical science disciplines. Candidates must demonstrate substantial research experience and commitment to biomedical engineering research. Post-doctoral fellows will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of research, educational and entrepreneurial activities as well as develop grant writing, project management and mentoring skills. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

I am currently working as a Post-Doc in Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam's GWHT Lab at Duke since 2015.  In the lab, my exciting research topic is to learn how to apply optical imaging techniques to address the critical issues in breast cancer biology field. We have a very productive breast cancer research team to develop high resolution, large field of view microscopes to capture the key phenotype of breast cancers by looking at vascular and metabolic endpoints.  With the help of cutting edge optical techniques, we are able to achieve fantastic findings from time to time and I am excited to work every day. Beyond the research activities, we postdoc also have lots of opportunities to be involved in lab management, teaching, grant writing and application which will provide a complete set of skills that are needed as an independent researcher.  I highly recommend being a postdoc in the TOpS lab to anyone who is interested in optical imaging techniques for cancer biology research.

Caigang, Ph.D.

BME, Nanyang Technological University '14


"I am a Post-Doc at GWHT because I want to learn how to apply biomedical engineering to solve global health challenges. Specifically, I work with a diverse team to develop low cost optical devices and therapies to diagnose and treat cervical cancer in resource limited settings. The passion, diversity of collaborations, incredibly opportunities, and drive to improve women's health, particularly in low resource communities is why I am excited to go to work every day. I highly recommend being a postdoc in the TOpS lab to anyone interested in the intersection of biomedical engineering and global health. "

Jenna, Ph.D.

BME, Duke University '15


"As a Post-Doc in the GWHT lab, I have developed a wide variety of skills that will be invaluable in my future career. I have gained a deep understanding of cancer biology during my project to develop an imaging technique to study cancer metabolism. A really exciting part of the lab is the active collaborations we maintain with world-class collaborators across the country, which allow us to apply our technologies to real world problems such as cancer therapy evasion and recurrence. I've also gotten experience in preparing manuscripts, mentoring students, and giving technical presentations. If you are looking for a collaborative, challenging environment to prepare for a future career in academia or industry, GWHT-TOpS lab is the place for you."

Amy, Ph.D.

BME, Duke University '16

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