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A variety of opportunities are available for passionate and committed undergraduate students interested in health and social innovation projects (see below), specifically the Pratt Ignite and Calla Campaign fellows programs. If students are interested in engaging with us outside of these programs, they are welcome to apply for work-study, independent study and volunteer opportunities. Through these experiences, students will have the opportunity to gain and improve upon research, design, teaching, teamwork, mentoring and/or leadership skills. Selection criteria include a clear articulation of interests, academic record, prior experience and maturity. We encourage applications from underrepresented populations in engineering – women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities


Provides engineering undergraduates with an opportunity to do health innovation projects in their engineering major and receive course credit, as well as the opportunity for paid summer research. Fellows are selected in the Fall semester in their junior year and they begin the program in the beginning of the Spring semester. 


Provides all undergraduate students regardless of whether they are in Trinity or Pratt with an opportunity to do social innovation projects in STEM and receive course credit as well as the opportunity to engage in summer immersion experiences. To apply please email your CV and cover letter to Program Director, Libby Dotson at 

Trinity, Biology ' 18

“As a GWHT fellow, I have had the remarkable opportunity to embark on a journey of growth and discovery. The journey began with the development and refinement of a flashlight curriculum which my partner and I implemented in Kolkata, India as part of our DukeEngage project. This was truly one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life as I recognized the remarkable capacity of using the principles of human centered design and simple circuitry to empower others. Upon returning to Durham, my partner and I recognized that a similar curriculum could be implemented in Durham and as GWHT fellows, we found encouragement and support to continue to pursue this goal. We have now successfully implemented this curriculum at several community partner organizations. I have greatly enjoyed the ability to work collaboratively with others who are so passionate about the continued success of these education initiatives.”

Jennifer - IGNITE Fellow

Pratt, BME ' 17

"I first heard of the GWHT lab from my friend Helen. I had zero research experience and was excited to learn more about cancer and the work put into understanding it.  Most of what I've done with this lab is learning more about breast cancer cell metabolism and how to create a method that can study it. We use multiple fluorophores to report on levels of glycolysis and the TCA cycle. From these, we find links between metabolism and metastatic potential and hypoxic perturbations both in vivo and in vitro. I started from zero research experience. After joining this lab, I now have a wide breadth of skills ranging from analyzing cell images in MATLAB to performing dorsal window chamber surgeries. But besides these concrete "gains," I have received the opportunity to practice critical thinking whenever weird results occur and planning experiments to try to explain them. These, in my humble opinion, are one of the most important skills to obtain from research. Without this lab (and the help of my lab mentors, Amy and Megan), I would not be who I am today."

Marianne - Pratt Fellow

The Calla fellowship provides all undergraduate students, regardless of whether they are in Trinity or Pratt, with an opportunity to be involved in a collaborative and exciting project that integrates engineering, technology, and story telling. Through an undergraduate fellowship, students have the opportunity to work on a project designed with a lab mentor on: 1. research and development 2. implementation science and 3. community-based awareness campaigns. To apply please email your CV and cover letter to Program Director, Libby Dotson at 

Trinity, Intl. Comparative Studies ' 18

“As a Calla Campaign fellow, I have the opportunity to be a part of a campaign that is working to increase awareness of cervical cancer globally while combating stigmas around women’s health. I started at GWHT by being involved in the Guatemala Ignite Project where I traveled to Guatemala to focus on STEM empowerment in an all-girls school. I transitioned over to be a part of the Calla Campaign project, where I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about global health specifically cervical cancer and how we can integrate arts with engineering. It’s an exciting challenge to have a job that integrates the engineering and art worlds, It’s quite a great experience to be in a place I love doing the work I love."

Libby - Calla Undergraduate Fellow


Our center offers research opportunities for undergraduate students through independent study, work-study, and volunteer opportunities. Students who participate in the Center through one of these mechanisms are given strong preference for some of our other center programming. 

"As a second year undergraduate researcher in the lab, I have been able to work on projects that have real impact. I am currently working on a field-compatible testing platform for the Pocket Colposcope, in addition to developing new features for the device. The mentorship and level of responsibility that I am given have developed my skills as a researcher and technologist. I would highly recommend the lab to any student interested in conducting challenging yet rewarding medical device research"

Collyn - Independent Study

Pratt, BME ' 17