Thank-you for your interest in becoming involved at GWHT. Due to COVID-19, we have decided to push our acceptance on undergrad researchers to Spring 2021. We encourage you to follow the steps outlined below, and we will contact you at the end of October. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Brian Crouch at brian.crouch@duke.edu 


The easiest way to get involved is to enroll in BME 230! If you have already taken BME 230 or it does not fit in your course schedule, there are other ways to get involved with GWHT as described below. Because GWHT strives to provide meaningful experiences, students should plan to work with GWHT for a minimum of three semesters.


01/ Research 

GWHT offers undergraduate research experiences by directly pairing undergraduate student researchers with a graduate student or postdoctoral associate mentor to work on projects related to GWHT's core research focus areas - cervical cancer prevention, breast cancer recurrence prevention, and essential surgery. Undergraduate researchers can expect to perform a range of duties including tissue culture, small animal modeling, optical system design, and machine learning algorithm development. All experience levels are welcome to apply for openings prior to the fall, spring, and summer terms. Apply at Undergrad Research Application

02/ Ignite 

Ignite Fellows: The Ignite educational program was founded by Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam in 2016 through her flagship course, BME 230: Global Women’s Health Technologies. This model approaches STEM learning with a focus on design-thinking to cultivate the next generation of problem solvers and innovators through focus on engineering and social enterprise. As an Ignite Fellow you will take BME 230 and then work with a staff mentor in GWHT to develop and implement your own curriculum in either Durham, Guatemala, or Peru. Through this fellowship students have the opportunity to work with an international or local community-based organization to develop a new curriculum and implement the program alongside other local volunteers. In addition to getting first hand experience teaching, students will design metrics and evaluate the efficacy of their curriculum. Upon successful completion of the fellowships students are eligible for independent study to continue their research. Please apply at Ignite Fellows Program  by January 1st to be eligible for one of our Ignite Fellowships.

03/ WISH Fellows  

WISH or Women Inspired Strategies for Healthcare is a model of healthcare delivery that focuses on putting women at the center of technological design and implementation strategies. As a WISH fellow you will have the opportunity to engage in 1. research and development, 2. implementation science, and/or 3. community-based awareness campaigns, primarily relating to cervical cancer and reproductive health. Fellows will be mentored by staff and graduate students, and will be encouraged to present their research through various campus forums. Please contact Libby Dotson at libby.dotson@duke.edu for more information. 

04/ BASS Connections  

Get involved with GWHT through BASS Connections. Leveraging strong relationships in Peru, this WISH project will complement ongoing efforts to deploy innovative women-centered technologies for home-based screening with the efficacy of screening done in health facilities. The project team will focus on three components: storytelling as a way to empower women to take control of their health; cost-effectiveness of interventions with respect to traditional models of care; and a policy framework for in-country adoption of the model. Learn more about Bass Connections at https://bassconnections.duke.edu.

05/ DukeEngage Orange County  

Stay involved with  GWHT in the summer with DukeEngage. Our DukeEngage program partners with two NGOs in California, Girls INC and Global Glow, to empower young women through STEM and artistic expression. The deadline to apply for the Orange County program follows the standard DukeEngage guidelines for U.S. based programs (usually mid-January). Learn more about our DukeEngage program here. Interested students may contact the director at marlee.krieger@duke.edu in advance of the deadline for more information. 


06/ Industry & Entrepreneurship Internship   

Interested in an internship? Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam has founded two companies, Zenalux Biomedical and Calla Health Foundation, which work closely with GWHT to accomplish the Center’s mission. Internship experiences include market research, device manufacturing, and strategic planning. For current project needs, please contact Marlee Krieger, the GWHT Executive Director at marlee.krieger@duke.edu.

If you are not interested in research opportunities with GWHT at this time, but still want to stay involved and participate in events for Duke Undergrad students sponsored by GWHT, please contact Alexandria Da Ponte at alexandria.daponte@duke.edu.

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